Actors from the London Stage perform at UTSA


   The “Actors from the LondonStage,” returned to  the University of Texas at SanAntonio, last week to perform William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” three nights last week,receiving a rousing standing ovation every night.

   It was the company’s 19th visit to UTSA.Thanks to professional actors Guy Burgess (Theseus; Puck; Moth; Peaseblossom; Snout), Caroline Devlin (Hermia; Titania; Snug; Philostrate; Straveling), Christopher Staines (Lysander; Oberon ;Flute; Cobweb), Nicholas Tigg (Demetrius; Egeus; Bottom) and JanShepherd (Hippolyta; Helena; 1st Fairy; Quince; Mustardseed), the”Actors from the London Stage” performance was acomplete success.  The Recital Hall in the Arts building wasfilled to near capacity for each night’s performance. Theticket prices ranged from $15, for non-UTSA students, to $7 for allUTSA students.

    UTSA is one of the  few universities lucky enough to host the “Actors from the LondonStage.” This past production was the company’s 19th visit to UTSA. Since 1975, the company of classically trained actors has toured campuses across America. During their stay atUTSA, the actors visited classrooms and interacted with students.

   “I really enjoy coming here, because the students really appreciate the performances and respond really well to what we have to say,” Burgess said.

   “I enjoy it because I can see theenthusiasm the students express about Shakespeare, it opens thedoor and wisdom to understanding the Shakespearianlanguage.”

   The actors, had five weeks to prepare for theplay, with-out a director.  The entire production is acompilation of each actors own ideas.

     “It can be difficult becauseyou have five different people expressing their ownideas”  Burgess said. “So, it’s aboutcompromising and working together as a team, not being afraid to gofor it nor scared of pulling back.”   

   For “A Midsummer’s Night’sDream,” each of the actors had to take on multiple roles.With a spin and a twirl Demetrius (Nicholas Tigg) was then Egeus.Running at a little over two hours, with only a fifteen minute intermission, the actors never slowed down, giving an energized and hilarious performance.

   “It is literally like running a marathon,” said Burgess. “It’s not onlyphysically exhausting , but also emotionally demanding,. I really enjoy the journey.”

   With the excitement and pleasure our university displayed, the “Actors from the LondonStage” are sure to visit our campus on many more occasions. If you missed this semester’s performance of “A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream,” be sure and mark your calendar for future visits.