Student spotlight: James Merryman

UTSA’s next big star, James Merryman, released his first album to itunes Tuesday, Feb. 16.
Merryman, is only a second semester freshman, but he’s wasting no time in his college career.  Taking a little over six months to record his first album, “The Time is Now” is a great first step for this aspiring singer/songwriter.
“The album,” Merryman said, “is just a fun musical journey through my life.”
Infact, it is a CD about his own experiences, thoughts and feelings. When I asked what the main genre of the album was, he said it was everything, and he wasn’t lying. But I think the lack of one constant genre of music throughout the 11 songs helps his audience see who Merryman really is: not your average Joe. It ranges from techno-pop to Beastie Boys hip-hop to jazz, speaking of society and love with a little bit of humor to tie it all together.
My favorite song by far was ‘Creeper.’ It makes fun of people who snoop around profiles on Facebook to a poppy beat and some humorous words. It immediately drew me into the CD, and I recommend all of you look it up and listen to it.
Right now, Merryman is trying to get his name out there, so he’s been performing at all of the Open Mic and Coffee House venues here at UTSA, as well as at monthly concerts at Viva Chocolato in Austin.
It was truly amazing to see how passionate about and devoted to his career.
“I like making people happy with my music,” Merryman said.
He is already succeeding at that, considering strangers are coming up to him and complimenting him on his work.
Merryman is already thinking about his next album. It will be completely acoustic with a full band to back him up. Considering the hours he puts into this career, he plans to take the minimum hours of classes next semester while maintaining a full-time job to ensure his utter success in the upcoming album.
“While I’m still young, why not go for it?” Merryman said.
I agree, and can’t wait to hear what’s to come.
He does a lot of networking through the web, so to listen to his work and talk to him about it, check out his Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.
Also don’t forget the entire first album, “The Time is Now,” is up on iTunes.