The Paisano

Frio St. Building sits in the center of the Downtown Campus. President Taylor Eighmy
envisions a major expansion of the Downtown Campus over the next 10 years.
Downtown students feel shut out of their education after Library and Rowdy Store Closure

UTSA announced the Rowdy Store at Downtown Campus would be closed from March 22 to Aug. 9.    “During the closure, course materials for spring and summer classes held...

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Buddy-cop, and then some
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Everything is bigger in Texas-including voter suppression

Bella Nieto, News Editor | April 30, 2021

I have issues with a majority of the members of the Texas legislature - they perplex me to say the least. I have issues with the federal legislature too, but that is a separate conversation. In particular, I have beef with Senate Bill 7(SB7) and House Bill 6(HB6). The bills make it a felony for a public official to distribute an absentee ballot application, or an absentee ballot to anyone who has...

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UTSA tennis crashes out of C-USA Championships
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