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Does size really matter?

Maha Qadri April 23, 2019

Too many times, I’ve found myself in this situation: My friend is showing me a picture of their latest hook up or date, and I am giving my approval after hearing about his behavior. But sometimes, no...

Police: Protectors or Pigs?

Steve Moul February 26, 2019

Arguing against the police is tough to do, but there are serious problems in the American criminal justice system. The police have earned their bad reputation after decades of lacking accountability. A...

Ted Bundy isn't special

Ted Bundy isn’t special

Alex Hanks February 6, 2019

Ted Bundy isn’t special. He was able to alter the tone in his rhetoric to capture the attention of whom he was speaking to. Yet, this isn’t necessarily something he should be known for. Society perceives...

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Counterpoint: Should pets be allowed on campus living?

Kenyatta Battle February 14, 2018

Having pets on campus residence is complicated and has both positives and negatives. Are pets worth being on campus or are they a nuisance for residents? Pets and college students don’t mix. While in...

Counterpoint: Should psychoactive drugs be recreationally acceptable for people to use?

Vincent Valdez November 8, 2017

Drug use is a complicated and delicate subject. Recreational use of illegal psychoactive drugs are prevalent among Americans, as well as the risk of facing charges for illegal drug use. In a 2015 CDC report,...

Counterpoint: Who should be able to drop students from the class?

Counterpoint: Who should be able to drop students from the class?

Ethan Pham August 30, 2017

The instructor-initiated drop policy allows faculty to drop students who exceed the absence or missed assignment limit in their classes. Some students find this practice unfair, while others believe it...

Counterpoint: The pumpkin spice latte

Caroline Traylor October 27, 2016

Finally, the best season of the year is here. There are so many reasons to love fall; the leaves change colors, you can finally wear your favorite, cozy sweaters and the sweet and spicy smell of pumpkin...

Point: The pumpkin spice latte

Ethan Pham October 26, 2016

Pumpkin, spice, together make the fall season nice. Or so it seems. Fall is undoubtedly a favorite time of the year in the eyes of big corporations. Year after year, it seems that fall is lasting longer...

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