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The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Alejandro (AJ) Lopez/The Paisano

Bidi Bidi Bon Bon

Alejandro Lopez March 6, 2019

Located on the Riverwalk next to Dick’s Last Resort restaurant, Gourdough's Public House is a gourmet donut restaurant that will satisfy your tastebuds for everything that is a donut. From donut sandwiches...

Ten Places to Spend Valentines Week

Ten Places to Spend Valentine’s Week

Jordan Locke February 13, 2019

In my household, we don’t celebrate birth-days, but rather birth-weeks, because who wouldn’t want a week of celebration dedicated to them? The same goes for all holidays, at least in my household,...

Mac Station

Nothin’ but a gouda time

Lauren Donecker November 30, 2018

The Block hosted a Macaroni and Cheese Throwdown event on Saturday Nov. 17. Tickets to the event cost $15 to sample seven unique variations of macaroni offered (one from each food truck), and a token to...

The San Antonio River Walk embraces the holiday spirit by lighting up the cypress trees that guide you through the heart of San Antonio. Photo Courtesy of The River Walk

Winter in the city

Briyah Phillips November 29, 2017

Alamo City gears up for holiday festivities as December quickly approaches. Thanksgiving is over, and all around San Antonio, things are beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The halls of businesses...

No meat November

No meat November

Enrique Bonilla November 8, 2017

National vegan month: one month won’t kale you   November is known as the hairy no-shave november, national diabetes month and more recently National Native American Heritage month according to...

Luces Caprese dish. Photos by Ethan Pham, The Paisano

Bone apple tea babeh

Ethan Pham October 18, 2017

The Paisano gets a taste of pasta month in San Antonio.   Buon Appetito, because October is national pasta month. San Antonio is an epicenter for great culinary experiences, and staple Italian food...

SXSW 2017: A survival guide

Raquel E. Alonzo and Ryan Thompson March 8, 2017

It’s that time of the year again! South by Southwest—better known as SXSW—is upon us. Whether you’re a first-time goer or a returning fan, here’s a list of local artists trekking to Austin, artists...

Participants stand in line for their cups of hot coffee.
Photo by Raquel E. Alonzo

Coffee festival induces San Antonio caffeine buzz

Raquel E. Alonzo January 12, 2017

The Coffee Festival on Saturday, Jan. 7 was packed with 14 different brewing companies. Each shop showcased between three to four of their favorite blends at their designated booths. San Antonians were...

Shave off the pounds, save money

Ben Shirani January 12, 2017

Eating right in college can be tough. Last semester, I overextended my budget (and my love handles). I got behind, homework piled up and my stress level shot through the roof. Something had to give. Instead...

Photo Courtesy of Olivia Wilson


Brayden Boren April 5, 2016

Listen up 21 and overs: it’s time to drink like a Texan. National Beer Day is April 7, and the opportunity to enjoy a cold brew has never struck at a better time, besides that party you went to...

Seafood in a land-locked city

September 15, 2015

Fabian DeSoto, The Paisano If it looks like snot, don’t eat it: it’s a common misconception about oysters based on their briny appearance and slimy insides. But those that have...

A taco transition

August 17, 2015

Photo Courtesy of Taco Taco For many UTSA students that get their nourishment from the variety of places offered across Main Campus, Taco Cabana has become a staple of their weekly...

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