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Becoming San Antonio

Generations of San Antonio citizens are honored at the DreamWeek exhibit.

Alfonzo Mendoza

January 23, 2019

San Antonio proudly hosts one of the most diverse week-long summits that aims to create a dialogue between different cultures and communities — DreamWeek. Many of the events include interactive art exhibits that paint the modern day vision of Martin Luther King Jr. “Becoming San Antonio: Centuries of ...

The Lonesome Rose

Crowd at the Lonesome Rose

Kirkland Luther

November 30, 2018

On Nov. 16, 2016, an electrical fire burned down the beloved San Antonio bar and nightclub The Phantom Room. The building was considered a total loss and despite reopening a year later, the owners decided to shut its doors on Aug. 11, 2018. There is a new watering hole in its place. Pasadena had Gill...

11th annual Luminaria Arts Festival: a preview of the beloved San Antonio event


Rudy Sanchez

November 7, 2018

In 2008, a city initiative rolled out that created a nocturnal, multigenre arts festival to illuminate downtown San Antonio. Today, the Luminaria Arts Festival is a non-profit organization committed to advancing contemporary art in San Antonio. Since Luminaria’s inception, the annual festival has served...

Moments of amusement, engagement and motivation

“Momento No. 24” painting by Andrea Reyes

Kirkland Luther

October 10, 2018

UTSA alumna Andrea Reyes focuses on being present in the moment Memento, derived from the Latin word meminisse,meaning “to remember,” is typically recognized in “memento mori” which translates to “remember death,” a phrase used to reflect upon mortality. Many people recall this phrase in or...

Flying through NASA country

Country artist playing guitar

Kirkland Luther

September 12, 2018

A night with local country artist Garrett T. Capps. The sun sets on the river outside of Ocho as people find their places among the chipped turquoise patio furniture. At the end of the alley, and on a designated space made of blankets, sit three stools. Two of the stools have microphones placed in fro...

Mírame, a look at the UTSA student-run band bringing their style to the local scene

Mírame formed from a group of students that are part of UTSA musicians of business.
Photo courtesy of Mírame

Kimiya Factory

June 9, 2018

The music scene at UTSA was booming all spring semester. After the successful UTSA Underground music festival that featured local artists by and for the students, word of a particular band, Mírame, caught like wildfire. This band, exclusively made of UTSA students, covers the hottest songs out today...

Viva Fiesta!

Viva Fiesta!

Andy Borunda

April 24, 2018

A guide to one of SA's oldest traditions   San Antonio’s annual spring festival has had an incredible transformation throughout its 127-year history. The city-wide celebration now known as Fiesta had its humble origins as a single day event called the Battle of Flowers Parade, held on April ...

Despedida de verano: recommendations for summer 2018

Despedida de verano: recommendations for summer 2018

Enrique Bonilla

April 24, 2018

As the stress of deadlines and exams come to an end, summer’s sunny skies lie a few short weeks away. For many, this break is the first sight of the unfamiliar concept of “free time” in a few months. After you’ve caught up on sleep, make sure to explore the beauty of San Antonio and the surround...

Sonidas de el sur: San Antonio’s spring music lineup

Sonidas de el sur: San Antonio's spring music lineup

Enrique Bonilla

April 17, 2018

It’s no surprise that hidden within the hill country of the I-35 corridor you will find an abundance of music culture, particularly in San Antonio. Home of Music Biz Day, Mala Luna, Maverick Music Festival and UTSA Underground, to name a few local staples, San Antonio artists continue to push out exciting...

Listen local

Courtesy of Oscar Moreno

Katrina Clements

April 4, 2018

Staff picks of UTSA Underground acts. Andria Rose & The Youth In 2017 frontwoman Andria Rose played as a solo artist and since has “fallen in love with the environment and intimacy,” so this year she created an indie pop band. Andria Rose & the Youth just came off tour with The Maria’s and celebrated being ba...

Ciudad, a crecer: Sonido en la ciudad

AMEA, a UTSA graduate, performs at San Antonio Sound Garden’s official launch party. Photo courtesy of Oscar Moreno

Enrique Bonilla

March 27, 2018

San Antonio music scene: where are we and where are we heading? As the asphalt and steel are spreading through the mission city, so too is the culture of music in San Antonio shifting and warping. Onward. We have sparked national attention from outsider industries and are experiencing the growing ...

Ciudad, a crecer: Remedying through recycling

Chase Otero/The Paisano

Mackenzie Dyer

February 20, 2018

A glance at our growing city’s waste management situation.   Mountains of rubbish. Toxic chemicals in the air. Doubtful signs of sustainable life. When asked about the way people dispose of waste on campus, one UTSA Biochemistry student, Liz Cervantes said, “When I see people not recyclin...