The Paisano

A new age of drag

Graphic courtesy of Amber Chin.

Katrina Clements and Brittney Nguyen

April 24, 2018

How Ru Paul’s Drag Race is redefining drag as we know it. Started in 2009, Ru Paul’s Drag Race has paved the way for how drag is perceived today. Before Drag Race, drag was underground and almost exclusive to the LGBTQ community. Now, we see prominent drag references throughout pop culture and m...

Life is a Fantasea

Life is a Fantasea

Ethan Pham

March 7, 2017

"My drag name at first was Serene Noir, but now it’s Serene Fantasea,” said Flores, a communication senior with a minor in English literature. Flores began doing drag about a year and a half ago while helping a friend who was also getting into drag. However, his biggest inspiration for getting in...