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Roadrunner Café expands menu options amidst student complaints

Roadrunner Café expands menu options amidst student complaints

Kenyatta Battle

January 31, 2018

In response to student complaints, the Roadrunner Café added new features over winter break, including a panini press, more non-carbonated drink options and more desserts. “Changes occur on regular basis to best meet needs and request of students,” Director of Services Burt Reynolds said. “‘Napkin...

Students concerned about campus food supplier’s quality

Students wait in line at the Roadrunner Café for their meals.

Photo Courtesy of a Brysen Streeter

Kenyatta Battle

November 8, 2017

Aramark, UTSA’s food supplier, has been in the middle of many conversations concerning complaints about the quality of food served at Roadrunner Café. Aramark supplies food services to college campuses across the nation. Megan Cole, an associate news editor of University of California Irvine’s university...

Weigh the Waste: the impact of wasted food

December 26, 2012

Aramark Dining Services and several student organizations (The Green Society, The Movement and Roadrunners for Renewable Resources) have taken steps to increase awareness of food waste with their initiative, Weigh the Waste.Aramark Sustainability Coordinator Haley Diamond describes the purpose of the Weigh the Waste p...