The logic behind the look

The logic behind the look

Editorial Board

Produced entirely by UTSA students for the UTSA community, The Paisano has published dynamic content of premier journalists since 1981.



The Paisano is more than words, stories and paper — it is the home of a diverse group of students who collaborate to produce a product worth talking, and reading, about.

Every week, The Paisano‘s staff produces an edgy objective rendition of campus news.

It’s time that the visual brand of The Paisano mirrors its progressive quality and its content.

Branding is necessary when solidifying any type of identity.

A successful, cohesive, communicative brand conveys to audiences what even the most lucid of words cannot.

The Paisano’s flag (the name of the newspaper on page one) was redesigned to visually communicate that this publication is the only publication made for and by students of the UTSA community.

The lettermark to the left was created to accompany the paper and marketing artifacts as well as to compliment the newly designed, a project (a brain child) that began with the editorial board in the summer of 2015 that will officially launch on Saturday, March 12.

March 12 is also the official celebration of The Paisano‘s 35th anniversary. The event will be held at The Block and The Paisano Media Arts Center.

Over the last 35 years, The Paisano has undergone many changes. With the evolution of print journalism, college newspapers have had to adapt their looks to the style and preferences of their audiences.

The visual feel of a company relays immediate insight and message. Additionally, brand unity allows for an audience to recognize a entity with ease.

These exciting changes have been incorporated in this issue. What you are reading is a part of history.

The Paisano — albeit independent, unfunded and uncensored by the university — is, in the best ways, UTSA.