Black history, heritage: more than a name or month

Black history, heritage: more than a name or month

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Names make a difference. Words matter.

On the Internet, some words have mattered more. Social media and online forums  have brought serious topics of social  concern to the general consciousness.  The #BlackLivesMatter hashtag can attest to that statement.

As one of the most popular hashtags of 2015, #BlackLivesMatter has even made its own impression on UTSA. Not only has the university begun offering a course called #BlackLivesMatter, but Black History Month is now Black Heritage Month.

The name swap was instated by the UTSA Student Center for Community Engagement and Inclusion.

The consensus among the UTSA community planning the events of the month is that heritage is more fun than history, although the two terms can be used interchangeably.

In comparison to other UT System universities, UTSA’s variety of events for “Black Heritage Month” sorely lacks academic substance customary of a campus community.

Even if history has less curb appeal than a lip-syncing and costume competition in the UC, it is an inextricable and fundamental part of cultural identity.

A name is only as important and impactful as the actions it inspires.

A name is only a verbal representation of the true substance, what is truly important.

Black history is black heritage. Regardless of its moniker or the event line up at the university, February is a month to get in-formation.