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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

    32nd annual UTSA student art exhibition

    32nd annual UTSA student art exhibition

    Every year, UTSA hosts a juried student exhibition in which undergraduate and graduate students get the opportunity to display their best works of art. Each student has the option to submit up to three pieces of art.

    After their submissions are complete, the professors will choose which pieces will be entered into the exhibition. Once these selected pieces are put on display, they are judged by a single juror – this year’s juror being Joey Fauerso, an Associate Professor at Texas State University at San Marcos. Undergraduate and graduate students are judged separately in their own categories, each receiving first, second and third place awards. Additionally, there is a single award for best in show, which includes both undergraduate and graduate students.

    When you walk into the gallery (Art Building Recital Hall 2.03.02), you will see a vast diversity of art: from paintings to sculptures, digital prints to videos and contemporary to abstract pieces. Some of these pieces address controversial issues, while others address a more philosophical thought process; however, each single piece is intriguing and thought provoking, exposing an extraordinary amount of talent.

    As guests walked around, they could feel the emotion that went into these works of art. Upon approaching each piece, you are able to see the incredible detail that goes into the work. Take, for example, Sharon Gilpin’s “The Human Eggsample,” which displays the life cycle of a pregnant women up until she is holding her newborn child. This high fire ceramic piece is in the shape of an egg, beautifully crafted to fully encompass the idea of human life.

    Speaking with the undergraduate second place winner, Kat Cadena, about her piece “What Is/What Could Be,” she stated, “I like to keep my work open to interpretation because a viewer’s personal experience often plays an important role in how they understand an artwork.”

    The personal reaction to each piece of artwork is unique and finding out how it impacts each individual is part of the fun an artist has in creating it.

    “One of my favorite things about creating artwork is that you’re creating something that can speak any language or reach anyone, so I love to hear what it’s saying to different people,” stated Cadena.

    When asked what she would say to those visiting the gallery for the first time, Cadena said, “If you’ve never visited our gallery, this would be the perfect exhibit to see on your first visit. Our student exhibition is incredibly diverse. There are interactive pieces, and everything is so well crafted. This show has made me exceptionally proud of the students and the faculty in the Department of Art and Art History. I want to say thank you to the faculty in our department for always challenging and helping us, especially to my favorite painting instructors, Christie Blizard and Connie Lowe.”

    The student exhibition is open to the public free of charge. It will be up until April 15, 2016. The exhibition is open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10-4 p.m.; Wednesday 11-3 p.m.; and Saturday 1-4 p.m.

    “As a fellow art student, it’s really nice to know that people come and look at your stuff and appreciate your work,” admits art student Nicholas Minesinger.

    With all the hard work that goes into putting this exhibition together, it’s only fitting to acknowledge those who placed.

    For Undergraduates:

    1st Place: Elyse Grams, What Is/What Could Be, Ceramic, Glass, 2015.

    2nd Place: Katherine Cadena, One Day You’ll See, Oil on canvas, 2015.

    3rd Place: Sharon Gilpin, The Human Eggsample, High fire Ceramic, 2016.

    For Graduates:

    1st Place: Verena Gaudy, Zeitgeist, Stoneware, vitreous slip, 2015.

    2nd Place: Hiromi Stringer, Umeyama’s Report: The Sacred Red and White AND Drawing of Labels of Umeyama’s Report : The Sacred Red and White (Diptych) Sumi ink and gouache on oriental paper AND Graphite on paper 2015 (ink drawing) and 2016 (graphite drawing) 

    3rd Place: John Dalton Atkins, Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch, Wood, Acrylic, Found Objects, 2015.

    Best of Show, Wai Ching Lam Art Prize: Vianney Lopez, Self, Multi-Media, 2016.

    Congratulations to all of the students who placed. Additionally, the next exhibition will be held May 4-11, 2016.