You know you go to UTSA if…

You know you're a UTSA student

How do you know you’re from Texas? When you “have to switch from heat to a/c in the same day.”

Let’s get even more personal with something like “You know you’re from San Antonio because you’re an expert with the brake pedal, but you have no idea what a blinker is, how to merge, or how to read a yield sign.”

Let’s get even more personal now. As UTSA works to become a tier one university, we are also working on creating our own traditions and distinctions. 

While becoming a better-known university, UTSA is starting to develop a few jokes and puns that you would only know if you were a Roadrunner.

Throughout the week, students were asked to complete the sentence “You know you go to UTSA if…” Not surprisingly, most students came up with something related to the parking situation.

A reoccurring joke among students is “You know you go to UTSA if you come to campus an hour early to get a parking spot 1000 yards away.” Sophomore Tiffany Schmidt came up with “You know you go to UTSA if you don’t consider it weird that a car is slowly following you in the parking lot.” UTSA…come here, park far!

Another issue at UTSA is the lack of school spirit around campus. For whatever reason, UTSA isn’t exactly known for being proud of its school like Texas A&M and UT Austin.

According to Junior Rich Shelton, “You know you go to UTSA if you see more people wearing shirts from other universities than you do ours.”

Perhaps the reason for the lack of school spirit is that our football team has yet to play its first game. Junior Austin Chamberlin, says “You know you go to UTSA if you’re confused by the sudden school spirit.”

Now there are some people who do have some school spirit, so much in fact that sophomore Tiffany Schmidt, says “You know you go to UTSA if you think orange and blue match.” If lack of color coordination doesn’t show school spirit, then what does?

For instance, “You know you go to UTSA if you get to the bookstore before it opens so you don’t have to wait in the line to give someone your bag.”

Let’s face it, it’s a little frustrating when you go in just to get an energy drink or a package of parscores, and you have to wait 30 minutes to give someone your bag and another 30 minutes to get your bag returned.

UTSA’s Recreational Center, the rec, is another place that is annoying to wait at during the first couple weeks of school—especially during spring semester when everyone is trying to get their “beach body.”

Waiting ten minutes for someone to get off the bicep machine when they’re really on Facebook can be extremely irritating. With that said, “You know you go to UTSA if you do your workout at home for the first couple of weeks of school.”

The idea of tradition and school spirit may baffle you now, but as UTSA continues to grow, so does its identity.

Along with every great identity comes the humor in the inside jokes that we have fun creating about something we claim to be and that no one can take away: being a UTSA Roadruner!