UTSA Drumline marching to an upcoming beat


When you create a football team, a marching band will come. They’ll also really know how to make some noise. With bright uniforms, instruments blaring and exciting half time shows they are sure to grab some attention. With new cheers, and catchy songs the bands primary goal is to get the audience off their feet. They create the energy that makes up a football game. But what would a band be without the drum-line.

“The drumline’s primary goal is to support the band, but they also have a lot of additional responsibilities along with that,” said Sherry Rubins. Rubins, head of the percussion department at UTSA, will also be in charge of the drumline next semester. In addition to playing with the band during half time the drum-line create their own cheers and cadences. They are in charge of keeping the audience loud and on their feet.

Being part of the drumline is more then just beating on a drum. They are a close-knit family of their own. Spending that much time together, they have to be. Rubins herself keeps in touch with member of her band back in college. In other words it’s a really great way to make friends. And just like any group sport there is a lot of inner camaraderie. Being so close only allows them to push one another to become better. It’s a great way to get involved with the school.

Dr. Ron Ellis, the band director, came from the University of Central Florida, and everyone seems to be excited about the creativity that he will bring to the program.  He aims to create shows that will sure to keep an audience.

Drumline sessions begin in the spring and will continue right up until football season. Spots in the marching band are open to all students, not just music majors. Rubins is hoping to have about 40 students on the drumline alone. With 10 snares, six tenors, six bass drums, 10 symbols and a large ensemble the band is sure to get loud.

The games promise to be exciting with a drumline that large. With halftime shows always changing, there is more to watch at games then just the football team. When going to your first UTSA football game next semester, you might want to save that concession trip until after the half time show.