UTSA advisor by day, rocker by night

Doing what you like is freedom; liking what you do is happiness. A motto everyone aspires to achieve, but only a few accomplish.

Charlie Fraga, UTSA College of Business Academic Advisor, is one man who is true to this concept of ‘doing what you love.’ Fraga is student ally by day and rhythm guitar connoisseur by night. Daily, from 8 am to 5 pm, Fraga is winning the interests of many students with his personality and likeability. Little do they know, that after the clock ticks out at 5 pm, he transforms into a musical talent few know about.

Him, Her and the Room was created by lead guitarist, Steven Jasik who then recruited Holly Petty as vocalist.

After writing all original tunes and practicing some covers, Jasik then recruited The Room, otherwise known as Charlie Fraga as rhythm guitarist, Eric Macias as a drummer and UTSA alum Chris Weinman on bass. In just one year the band has gone from a single member to full fledge performers.

With an indie, folk-rock sound, the band gains inspiration from some of the greats such as Radiohead, Johnny Cash and Ryan Adams. Fraga, as a guitarist, gets his inspiration from the likes of Chuck Berry, Buddy Guy and Johnny Mathis who brought effortless creativity to rock when the genre was not only just emerging but thought reckless and raw.

Fraga and the other members of the band may not be touring performing all over the world but they are all an example of what it means to do what you love. The members are able to create music and inspire each other with their sounds that translate musical notes into emotion.

As a group, they not only fulfill their desires to just play for themselves, they are now also playing for others. With more than a few original songs under their belt, they also have covers in their lineup from Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” to Damien Rice’s “9 Crimes.”

After just one year as a group, they have already performed at local venues, The Quarry and The Cove, but are also now in the process of releasing a professionally mastered EP titled “No Way Out.”

Only a few hundred copies will be made for distribution so make sure to catch them at their next gig Saturday, Apr. 16 at Hot Tin Roof. You can also check out their band site at www.himherandtheroom.com or visit their facebook page for more performance dates. To see Charlie Fraga perform an acoustic solo gig, visit www.fralos.com for a show date in May.