When history strikes don’t make today’s news tomorrow’s

I doubt this will ever be published by The Paisano, but if it does then good on The Paisano. I’m writing this after 10 p.m. on March 16 to give you some perspective.

Tonight the front page of The Paisano Online reads “BREAKING NEWS: UTSA trumps McNeese State in Southland Final, 75-72.” Seriously, UTSA Basketball had its first NCAA Tournament win today and the front page of The Paisano has a March 12 game as breaking news?

Also, the 2011 UTSA Student Government election ended last Wednesday, March 9 and the election results are nowhere to be found in The Paisano Online. For the Roadrunners to make school history and the biggest school election that happens once a year to not be found in The Paisano Online is pretty sad to me.

I suppose we can be generous and give them 24 hours to publish the first school win at the Big Dance, but to not have any information at all about the Student Government election a week after results were made public is simply ridiculous.

I just hope The Paisano leadership finds the time to publish our biggest win in school history before we lose to the first seeded Ohio State on Friday, and also throws a bone to the students who actually do care about their student government and the future of UTSA.