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The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

    Internships will save your future

    What does the word internship mean to you? You may feel it has no impact on your future, however, the benefits of internships are often overlooked.

    In any career, having knowledge of specific techniques and job tasks is imperative, but experience in your career field can be the key to ultimate success.

    The advantages that come with an internship, are outstanding enough to say one would be foolish to pass an internship opportunity.

    Christian Corrales, Internship Coordinator at the UTSA University Career Services, feels that “exposure to the work environment, the chance to learn from current professionals, establishing networking and professional communication skills, and a strong resume builder,” all qualify as important byproduct of internships. Along with the greater probability of “an internship leading to a full time job.”

    Along with many other universities, UTSA offers many helpful resources including the UTSA University Career Services. The Career Services provides a multitude of services that aid students in progressing towards a successful professional career.

    “Unfortunately,” Corrales said, “I feel the Career Services center is an under-utilized service amongst the UTSA students, including the internship opportunities.

    “Many students have other obligations than just school and work. Sometimes those responsibilities make it difficult to set aside time for an internship.” However, an internship, short term or long term, goes miles in rewards.

    Ultimately, both a student and a business benefit in the internship process. An internship allows a student to transition from college to work, classroom to practical setting, and as an intern to career.

    Corrales explains an internship “bridges the gap, enhances academic research,” and supplies the intern with constructive knowledge.

    Even though the business is benefiting from an intern, the intern is benefiting from the practical experience.

    In some situations interns are paid. Corrales believes “students should not be undervalued,” but at the same time all internship opportunities should be taken advantage of.

    “As a university, we encourage employers to compensate their interns because sometimes it all comes down to competition among other companies and whether an internship is appealing or not.”

    Kendra Jefferson, senior sociology major, is a paid intern at Avalon Place apartments, just across from UTSA located on UTSA Boulevard.

    “Our mission at Avalon Place and also as an intern, is to build a better student living environment,” Jefferson said. She is very happy with her internship and fells she is significantly advancing in her career goals.

    “This internship is very beneficial for me because I would like to obtain my real estate license after I graduate. I receive hands-on experience, and I am getting a good idea of how real estate works,” Jefferson says.

    What does Jefferson think is the most important aspect of internships?

    “It is the ultimate step above the inexperience,” Jefferson said.