The Punisher vs Ghost Rider


Jesus Nieves

Battles between two opposing forces have always caught our interest.  Good versus evil, bad versus evil, and even hero versus hero, but what happens when two antiheroes who are stuck in a category of their own clash.  These antiheroes tend to fight evil but are willing to kill their enemies in order for the greater good. Usually these heroes have a depressing, tragic or even dark back story.  Even though these types of characters tend to cross the line, their stories often make us question whether or not their actions are necessary in some cases.

The Punisher, a former marine who witnesses his family gunned down by gangsters, devotes his life to combat crime.  His actions include murder, torture, coercion, and threats.  He becomes a one man war on crime due to the loss of his family. Over the years, this character has grown in popularity has never been represented well on screen until Jon Bernthal’s portrayal on Daredevil season 2. The Punisher is set to have his own Netflix show soon and takes place in the Marvel movie universe.

While the Punisher is not the only antihero who has had a rise in popularity, Ghost Rider has also been known to cross the line. Over the years different characters have been the Ghost Rider due to the fact Ghost Rider is a “demon/spirit” of vengeance. Different people have become the Rider through different means. The spirit burns the souls of evil with his hellfire and stare.  He is only active at night and fights all kinds of evil. He has not been well represented on screen until now.


The Ghost Rider is currently on the show Agents of Shield and portrayed by Mexican-American actor named Gabriel Luna. Recently, there have been talks of having the Punisher and Ghost Rider face off against each other on television.  This would bring the ratings and popularity to an all time high for both characters. This will also show their similarities and differences, one being supernatural demon and the other a mortal man with weapons. Every fan will debate who has the upper hand and if their on-screen versions will stay true to their source material. So as a comic book fan I will tell everyone to stay on the lookout for these two to clash soon.