Admiring art around UTSA


Photos by Chase Otero, The Paisano

Chase Otero

If you’ve taken a study break around UTSA’s John Peace Library or maybe had a few classes in the North Paseo or McKinney Humanities buildings, then you most likely would have noticed the art pieces that are scattered around our campus. While some art installations are full of exuberant color and life, other pieces leave many students with more questions than answers.

Personally, I think UTSA has the most unique art pieces in the entire city, and I’m not just saying that because I attend class here everyday. The collection of art is different in every hall and floor, let-alone every building. Some art is easy to spot, while other pieces are hidden away, like a painted gem ready for you to stumble across one day when you take a wrong turn.

A great location to check out the art is in the JPL:


“Even though it doesn’t have a lot of design, it says a lot,” said junior Nicole Fenlon. When asked who might have placed said art here, Nicole responded, “UTSA might have hired a designer coordinator, maybe for each and every building.”

“I feel as if the soft [yellow] tones make me feel more relaxed,” said senior Ricardo Rodriguez. He also raised a great question on “how much student input does UTSA put into their art pieces?”

Another fantastic location for art pieces on campus is in the North Paseo Building. Students responded by saying things like:

“It’s one of the first things on campus that stuck out at me” as did senior Eric B, “I like the colors. It’s really expressional. Makes me feel happy, it’s warm.” When asked who he thought might have placed the art here, Eric responded, “Oh, I have no clue. But I can tell you they’re doing a great job.”

Many UTSA students don’t know who chooses the art around campus.

So, to answer this question: the person actually in charge of art around UTSA is the Art Curator, Arturo Infante Almeida. He has been UTSA’s Art Curator since 2003, and has since worked under President Romo.

Now that students  are aware of who has been placing these art pieces everywhere, they can send in their opinions and inquiries on future student art being placed around campus. It would be a stretch to imagine another campus with as much painting diversity as UTSA.

Watch the video here: