Everything Local: Indy Coffee


Megan Bradford

Today, I was inspired in the most random and inadvertent way. I was sitting in one of my new favorite spots, Indy Coffee, staring dumb-founded at a blank word document and at a loss for words.

I was in an abyss of inspiration block and really had no idea what I wanted to write about. I kept staring until I got so frustrated that I just closed my laptop and figured I might as well just enjoy the atmosphere rather than dwell on a blank page.

As I sat back and observed the different souls that currently comprised the shop, I saw a girl working diligently at the bar on her homework, slowly bobbing her head to the subtle music enveloping the store.

img_7032I saw 3 friends completely absorbed in the most passionate conversation about life and their goals. I saw my best friend curled up on the cozy couch next to me being a good, productive student while I do what I do best and procrastinate. I saw a girl sitting alone, eyes glazed over seemingly fixated on her empty coffee mug, or rather the thoughts that consumed her mind in this daydreaming stupor. Each of these people could have gone anywhere in the world to do exactly what they are doing in that moment, so why is it that they chose here, at Indy Coffee?

And it is at that moment I am pelted with the most random, thought provoking epiphany. One of the most famous lines, if you are familiar with Good Will Hunting (if you aren’t, its okay. I only recently saw it upon my friend Inaki’s ridiculing me for having not already), is when Skylar asks Will if he would like to get coffee and Will in turn replies “Great, or maybe we could get together and just eat a bunch of caramels…When you think about it, it’s just as arbitrary as drinking coffee.”

This particular scene amused me with it’s undoubted cynicism for romance, but as I sat on a couch in the corner of Indy Coffee I couldn’t fathom that everybody in here chose this place on whim with no definitive incentive. People come to places like Indy Coffee for a reason. Environments like the one established here are eccentric and expressive. They welcome the unique and accept the creative. Perhaps the first time you wander in here is by chance, but every visit after is intentional. There is no way it couldn’t be!


I sat mindlessly at a computer screen at a loss for inspiration when all I really had to do was look around. Perhaps that is why people come to this specific local haven…perhaps they come here instead of any other place in hopes that while they go about their individual business, they can be immersed with some of the passion and creation (and caffeine) Indy Coffee is inundated with.

This of course is just my theory. The girl who seemed lost in thought could very well have just been sleep deprived from studying the night before. The other girl working on homework at the bar maybe wound up here aimlessly because she couldn’t get anything done with her roommate’s loud music.

It could very well all be as arbitrary as Will Hunting says it is. But I have faith that there is still a little more depth to humanity and more method to the madness. After all, ignorance does have a tendency of being blissful.