The Lights Festival


Victoria Cuellar, The Paisano

Victoria Cuellar

A magical moment took place on Oct. 21 and 22. The Lights Festival was held at Cycle Ranch in Floresville, TX. The festival was like the scene out of the Disney movie Tangled, where the princess Rapunzel and the Prince Flynn Rider are in a boat with an impressive amount of lanterns flowing in the sky creating for an unforgettable sight.

The Lights Festival was not just about lighting up lanterns and letting them go, it had an even greater meaning behind it. The atmosphere was filled with different emotions. Some people were there to light up a lantern for their lost loved ones, others were there because they needed to believe in something again, others were there to spend a beautiful night with their loved ones and some were just curious.

Ian Grea, the owner of Cycle Ranch shared his story of his greatest successes and worst downfalls of his career. He bought the Motocross due to his love of motocrossing. He became a self-made entrepreneur until financial and personal tragedy struck. Grea went from living in various condos in several places and a successful love life to living in his parent’s basement and a broken heart. At first, he was devastated until he realized it was time to to get back to where he had been.

Along the way he realized that life wasn’t all about money, but that it was about bringing smiles to people. With a positive attitude and having support from those he loves, he overcame his toughest times.

The lights event is very important to Grea and he hopes it reminds people that no matter what they are going through, there is hope and there is always something to look forward to. Everything was so moving and there were all kinds of different feelings and the atmosphere was filled with so many great feelings. While everyone waited for the night to fall there was lots of food stands to go to, music, entertainment, and lots of other amazing things for the guests. As people looked into the sky and let their lanterns go, they reflected on their messages to their lost ones, their dreams and even their regrets.