Sex in the dark enlightens students

Students helped organize the Sex in the Dark event. Photo by Annette Barraza, The Paisano

Students helped organize the Sex in the Dark event. Photo by Annette Barraza, The Paisano

Annette Barraza

In a recent article published by Refinery29, data that Plan B shared with the site revealed that “sales for emergency contraception tend to spike during Halloween. (It) was the seventh-highest sales day for morning-after pills in 2015.”

Rather than throw caution to the wind, Student Health Services is actively working to equip students with contraception and empower them through knowledge with events like Sex in the Dark.

Students were asked to sign in, play a guessing game (how many condoms in the jar?), write down any questions they might have and pick up some glow sticks and flyers.

Students relaxed in the dim lighting and soft music (some even started singing “I hate you I love you” by Gnash) and immediately cracked their glow sticks and placed them on wrists, around their heads and necks. The room was full to capacity, some students even sat in the aisles due to the lack of chairs.

Students relaxed in the ambiance of anonymity. The Q&A event asked students to submit questions ahead of time rather than put them on the spot. Additionally, glow sticks were provided as a discreet way to ask a question during the event.

It kicked off with a classic condom demo (male, female, finger) and then went straight into the Q&A portion.

Topics mentioned were STIs and their treatments, contraceptives (hormonal and barrier) and their side effects, relationships, consent and even abstinence.

Afterwards, students had a chance to speak to the health educators and received free t-shirts.

Lauren Woodword, a health educator with Student Health Services, urged students to take advantage of the services available such as STI and pregnancy testing and free condoms at the Student Health Services center located across from the rec center. They have also partnered with SA AIDS foundation to provide free HIV testing or syphilis testing once a month for two days.

The next event of this kind will be Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 6 p.m. in the UC Willow Room. Attending this event is a good way to have all of your questions answered.