SGA crowdfunding Roadrunner memorial


The memorial is expected to be built in front of the Main Building’s roundabout area.Photo courtesy of SGA

Gaige Davila

The funding goal for a crowdfunded memorial garden on UTSA’s main campus has nearly been reached, with nearly 95 percent of the project funded as of this article’s printing.

The Roadrunner Memorial Garden project, spearheaded by UTSA Student Government Association (SGA), is a student-led initiative in memoriam for UTSA students, staff, alumni and the families of those who have passed away.

The memorial garden will be located near the entrance of Main Campus with park benches, three flags and shade. Students will be able to bring engraved pebbles or flowers to the site on behalf of deceased loved ones.

The project, which needs $25,000 donated before construction can begin, has $23,951 committed. Donations received on the project’s Launch UTSA page are the sole source of funds for the memorial garden.

“The Memorial Garden is a way to say ‘we’re here for you; we love our family’” said multidisciplinary studies major Lauren Lopez in a YouTube video promoting the Roadrunner Memorial Garden.

“This project is important because UTSA needs a place on campus to honor and remember those within the UTSA community that have passed,” said Marcus Thomas, business affairs committee chair of SGA.

If you would like to donate to the Roadrunner Memorial Garden, visit