mtvU Woodie Awards Conference Call

Could you talk a little about your music videos. Your videos are very creative. Where do you get the ideas for them?

Well, I come from a film background. I went to college at Pratt Institute for film. And you know the only time I’m involved with the film and video world is when it’s related to music videos. Most of the ideas we’ve had for music videos have been ideas we’ve just come up with. The latest one for “Cameras” when Kim and I are beating the crap out of each other . . . Kim thinks the ideas come from me just trying to torture her. I don’t know, just trying to think of the simplest ideas is what I’m always looking for. I just always keep a notepad near my phone. We already have ideas for our next one, which might involve some jail time afterward.

What kind of music inspired you. I know you stick very close to the underground scene, but are there are any mainstream artists that inspire you or that you follow?

Kim and I are huge fans of hip-hop. We’re fans of all different kinds of pop-rock stuff and dance stuff. I think there are some people doing hip-hop productions like Timbaland—people who just really do such creative, exciting songs but still have massive hits with them . . . to be able to do something that sounds so different and also have it be so accessible . . .

How did you and Derek meet?

Umm, sure. It’s kind of a long story so I’ll keep it short. Derek and I did meet at a restaurant. Derek was my server. I was actually there with my mom and we started into a conversation which led us into talking about music. Derek was a musician who had moved to New York basically with the sole intention of finding somebody to work on music with. I mentioned I was a singer and we ended up just talking it out, just what we were doing musically. Shortly thereafter, we got together, listened to some of each others’ material and then started recording. So it was a pretty serendipitous meeting.

What it was like making a first album? What did you learn while putting together your debut album and what are your plans for future projects?

I think that Derek and I are really, really happy with how Treats turned out. Obviously, looking back on making a record, there’s many things you would do differently. I think the biggest thing is that we wish we had some more time. If we had more months to record there’d be more material. But like I said, we’re overall very, very happy with how everything has turned out. Our most important priority, outside of making the record, was being on tour and playing as many shows to as many people as possible to expose our music.

In the future… We’re just wrapping up, or we just wrapped up our European tour. We’re going to be touring in the states, starting at Pomona and then we’re going to finish up this summer. Then we’re gonna get right back in the studio and get to work on our second record.