Local band Levees releases new EP


The Levees is a desert rock band composed of brothers that individually migrated to San Antonio to attend Trinity University. Courtesy of Leeves

Casey Luna

Local voodoo desert rock band, the Levees, is back to release their new EP “Another Medicine.” Following their self-titled EP released earlier this year, the band has gained recognition from local music critics such as Do210, who have named the Levees as their favorite local band. The Levees is a family collaboration between brothers Kody and Kyle Anderson. The brothers promise that “Another Medicine” will have richer soundscapes, darker tones and reflect the overall growth of the band.

Originally natives of New Orleans, the brothers individually migrated to San Antonio to attend Trinity University. Both Kody and Kyle Anderson have been moving back and forth from New Orleans to San Antonio for years. They played with a band based out of New Orleans, but they have now established their roots in San Antonio.

Kyle Anderson says that the transition has been easy on them in part because of San Antonio’s music community. The community is uniquely welcoming and allows newer bands, like the Levees, opportunities to show their work and to play at venues.

“A lot of people in the scene were just very willing to help us out in the get go,” said Kyle. “Another Medicine” is an aspect of the evolution of their growth as a band.

“If you heard our first EP, this one is different,” said Kyle. Their new EP incorporates a more sonically varied soundscape and a darker tone. They have taken influence from Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca and his “duende” style. “(Duende) is essentially the dark beauty of art, and it’s the idea that things are beautiful because they’re finite,” said Kyle.

The group is using duende to express themselves in their music and to give each song a different feeling.

“It’s raw emotion over calculated movements,” said Kody Anderson. “Every song has their own unique character, but they all have a common denominator.”

“We’re just going to keep writing music and try to grow as musicians and people,” said Kody.

They have continued their experimentation with a new music video for their song off the EP, “Broken Cup.” The music video uses stop motion animation consisting of 2,700 photos and dozens of hours of editing.

“Another Medicine” will be released on Nov. 29 and the Levees will be holding a listening party at The Ventura. They will also be hosting an official EP release party on Dec. 3 with Pop Pistol and Michael J. & The Foxes at the Paper Tiger. For more information on where to buy “Another Medicine,” visit Leveesband.com, or for ticket information, visit papertigersa.com.