Full of flavor, Peng’s packs punch

Not often does a restaurant combine great food, affordable prices, and a relaxing atmosphere. Situated on San Antonio’s northwest side, Peng’s Chinese blends all these features together to create one of the more enjoyable dining experiences in the city.

Upon first entering the double glass doors, you are treated to a calming silence with only soft, classical music playing in the background of a dimly lit room. After helping yourself to a seat, you can enjoy the Chinese zodiac place settings or the paintings and sculptures spread across the dining room.

Every menu item at Peng’s is delicious, although the kung pao chicken, beef and broccoli, sweet and sour chicken and triple delight are among the most popular. Spicy beef and peppers are combined with sautéed vegetables in the kung pao offering, and the beef and broccoli consists of peppery beef mixed with seasoned broccoli and carrots. The sweet and sour plate, one of the most unique varieties on the menu, consists of your choice of chicken, shrimp, or pork, and is then breaded and fried into a crispy yet surprisingly light specialty and served with red sweet and sour sauce.

Rounding out the favorable dishes is the triple delight, a sizable main course of beef, chicken, and shrimp, grilled with broccoli, carrots, and an assortment of Chinese vegetables. Any of these selections is guaranteed to deliver a satisfying meal.

With a reasonable price of $7.95, all lunch entrees are served with two generous scoops of fried or steamed rice, a crispy egg roll, iced tea, and of course, a fortune cookie. Dinner plates combine those items with a cup of hot soup for about a dollar more. Lunch specials are available daily from 11am-4pm and dinner specials from 4pm-9pm.

Peng’s combines affordable prices with a quiet atmosphere, making it the perfect place to review some notes before class or just enjoy some rare peace and quiet. If you visit a few times, you can even engage in some candid conversation with Mary, the sole waitress who cordially asks, “How’s mama?”

In a community filled with an overabundance of fast food options, Peng’s stands out as a welcome alternative to the dull drive through routine. Using a minimalistic approach to Chinese cuisine, the small restaurant is sure to leave a positively strong impression on even the most selective diners.

Located on the corner of Bandera Road and Huebner Road, Peng’s is open for business Monday through Saturday from 11am-9pm.