Pasha Mediterranean Grill - Trust this Gyro

gyro wrap

Some would have never thought that one of San Antonio’s best treasures would be hiding in an old Taco Cabana building off of Wurzbach and I-10.

If you weren’t starving when you walked through the doors of Pasha Mediterranean Grill, the smell alone would knock you over and make anyone’s taste buds melt.

Pasha Mediterranean Grill opened its doors in July 2008. “We never expected it to be this crowded,” said Obaida Fallaha, the Grill’s “go to man.”

Fallaha recommends anything on the menu, says its all good. “Number 6, the Gyros plate is one of the more popular dishes we have, very popular with our guests” he says.

All of the cooks originated from countries out of the United States. They came from all over the Middle Eastern Region, Egypt, Palestine and Iraq. The cooking staff knows what they’re cooking and they are more then familiar with how to cook it. It shows through the flavors and taste of the food and because of their backgrounds the food is incredibly authentic.

The wait staff is warm and welcoming, and willing to answer any questions one might have with the menu. The atmosphere has a feeling of comfort combined with the hustling of the wait staff making their way through the crowded tables that stuff the space. The air is loud and busy. It makes one feel right and home, comfortable. The place is crowded even late on a Thursday night during fiesta week.

There are a variety of entrees on the menu, all of which seem very good. There are entrees with chicken, such as the Shawarma Plate, Sheesh Tawook or the Kabob plates. They also serve Cornish Hen, Beef and Lamb. Many of their Plates come with Greek Salads and hummus and those that don’t come with a variety of other sides that fit better with the dish.

You start your meal with a very warm, fluffy naan that melts in your mouth. You could make an entire meal out of that bread. The Mast-O Khiyar, a yogurt dip with mint and cucumber, is very refreshing and a great to start your meal. The Gyros Wrap is a personal favorite of many guests. All the vegetables and meat is incredibly fresh. And the meats they serve has an excellent flavor and texture. And with as much food on any of their plates, no one will go home hungry.

Pasha has won multiple awards recognizing its cuisine. In fact, it has become so good they are opening another location around the 1604 and Blanco area. They are open Monday through Thursday 11a.m to 10 p.m, Friday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday 12p.m to 10 p.m.