5 things you MUST do before graduating from UTSA

Raquel Simon Calderon

December is here, and with it comes cold weather, a million assignments due, finals and, for some very lucky people, graduation. With that in mind, I invite everyone to take a step back.

If you are graduating, congratulations! Reflect on your journey, remember those who made your experience at UTSA memorable and give thanks for those not-so-good moments you can now look back on and appreciate how they made you thrive. If you are still a long way off from graduation, don’t lose hope. Keep working because it will be worth it.

Here are some recommendations to help you to relax and create some lasting memories at UTSA:

Have coffee by the sombrilla


Or tea, or some nice hot chocolate. Just take a moment and breathe.






Attempt to play the piano

images-6There are two pianos—one in the UC above the food court and one on the first floor of the HEB UC. Once you see one, it is almost impossible to resist the urge to play a key…so go for it!



Sleep in the library

images-4Whether you need a 15-minute power-nap or you are just afraid you won’t make it to class the next morning, sleeping at the library is something every student should do at least once during their college experience.



Get your feet wet at the sombrilla fountain

images-1According to legend, the fountain carries special powers that can help students with their finals and overall GPA. Whether you believe the myth or not, there is no harm in indulging the impulse, and it will be a good story to tell.



Swing one last time

images-3There is a swing on a tree in front of the MS building; it sits there waiting for someone to notice it. Sometimes we get so caught up with school deadlines, work and our everyday lives that we tend to miss a lot in our environment. Make some time to hang by the swing and relax.