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Seafood Restaurant Proves to be Quite A Catch

Fish and fries

Typically, one would expect quality, fresh seafood that tastes like it was brought directly from the sea, and at Texas Seafood Grill that’s exactly what you’ll get. After all, their slogan is Fresh seafood-from our boat to your table.”

When walking into the family-owned Texas Seafood Grill off of Bandera Road, expect to be greeted by a smiling hostess.  Also, notice the array of undersea memorabilia all around the restaurant, including pelicans looking at you as you eat.

The staff is personable and attentive to customers’ needs and will quickly answer questions about the menu. The restaurant owners catch the seafood directly from the gulf.

But seafood is not the only item featured on the menu. There’s something for everyone, even for those pesky picky eaters who won’t stray from the classic burger and fries combo. If you’re in the mood for something different, but need to pick somewhere that will satisfy everyone’s appetite, this is the place to go. It’s a seafood lover’s dream since there’s plenty to choose from.

Texas Seafood Grill offers a wide variety of Vietnamese dishes: everything from spring rolls to shrimp fried rice. The prices are fair, and the majority of the menu is accessible to a broke college student’s budget. Plates range from $5.99 to $16.99, but most average around $12.99.

Texas Seafood Grill offers many unusual dishes, including alligator. On the exterior, alligator looks like an average fried, bite-sized appetizer with sriracha dipping sauce on the side. Don’t be squeamish about tasting a giant, man-eating reptile for the first time. Take the plunge and try the first bite; the flavor is quite satisfying.

The texture is somewhat similar to fried chicken but a bit squishy. Try it with the traditional sriracha dipping sauce or with ranch; your taste buds will be pleased. The alligator has never been less threatening than on a plate.

While the alligator is tasty, the Vietnamese spring rolls have a peculiar taste, though Vietnamese food lovers may disagree. The spring rolls consist of rice paper, wet rice noodles, steamed rice, cabbage (among other veggies), shrimp and a single slice of pork. The plate also comes with a peanut butter based sauce on the side.

As a main entrée, one delicious choice is the fried catfish with fries. It comes with three plump pieces of catfish and a hefty serving of fries. The fish planks are much bigger than one would expect for such a price. The crust is flakey and rich without being greasy, and the portion is generous. The fries are served hot, fresh and super crispy and emit a loud crunch with every bite.

Texas Seafood Grill opened earlier this year in April at a location that has housed many unsuccessful restaurants over the years. From what can be seen with the food and service, Texas Seafood Grill has very possible staying power. Bottom line, it has a nice staff, a quiet and peaceful atmosphere and a menu filled with variety.

Texas Seafood Grill is located on 6820 Huebner Rd., Leon Valley, TX, 78238. A full menu is also available on their website, 

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