Municipal, mayoral & midterm elections matter

Editorial staff

The 2016 presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was long and ugly. Many Americans are now feeling weary of politics and relieved the election is over – this is understandable.

This November, only 55 percent of the voting age population cast ballots. This measure of turnout is the lowest since 1996. If national voting rates are lackluster, municipal rates are pathetic, especially in San Antonio.

In the 2016 municipal elections, only 12.43 percent of eligible voters actually voted. A solution to this problem may be moving municipal election from May to November (to correspond with presidential elections) but in the meantime the UTSA community must show up to the polls to reverse this embarrassing lack of civic engagement.

The mayoral election lacks the reality-show flashiness and sound bytes of last November so they’re easier to disregard or ignore. It’s important to remember, however, that change happens at a local level. The results of the municipal elections will impact our community and its member’s daily lives. The mayoral election is on May 6, allowing students enough time to begin researching candidates and to make informed decisions now.

Roadrunners should visit for information on registering to vote in municipal elections and other methods of civic engagement.