Underworld: Blood Wars


Jesus Nieves

Over the years, we have seen the constant battle between werewolves and vampires in movies but one of the most successful franchises to portray this mythical war has been Underworld.

The Underworld franchise has shown a dark, sleek and action-packed version of the struggle for dominance in the supernatural world. The creators have successfully created a strong, courageous, confident and at times sexy heroine: Selene. Played by Kate Beckinsale, Selene remains the protagonist in Underworld: Blood Wars, the latest installment in the Underworld saga. The stories of these films are unique and build on the folklore that has been told throughout the years.

Underworld tells the continuous battle of two species the Lycans and the Werewolves which initially delved in sci-fi but later explored the supernatural. The Lycans were slaves to the vampires and later began an uprising after a forbidden love between a couple of the opposite species went awry. This created an idea of a hybrid, immortal species to carry on the incessant war. Caught in the middle, the vampire warrior Selene is on the run to protect her hybrid daughter and find her lover Michael during the war. Many forces are bent on draining her daughter’s blood in order to become an unstoppable force.

Selene is a unique character with an interesting history. She has been through sad and painful times but continues to overcome great odds. Selene continues to be a movie hero that remains a fan favorite and I will be curious to see where her next adventure will lead. The Underworld franchise are for any fans who want a blend of science fiction and supernatural all drenched in action.