Bring it: Allow me to introduce myself

Hi there UTSA. My name is Vanessa Elizarrarás, and I am The Paisano’s Sports Editor for Spring 2010. I wanted to give you all a little heads up on what you can expect to see in the sports section this semester.

Men’s and women’s basketball start us off; hopefully we’ll see both teams excel in conference play. If all goes well we could even see the women’s team at the Alamodome in the NCAA Final Four. Basketball is followed by men’s and women’s tennis and golf and then baseball and softball start in February. Also the track team has a meet this Friday in Houston; all the best to them.

But we won’t only be covering the sports mentioned above.

Intramurals are a part of athletics on campus, and they deserve some recognition too. Also, if there’s a sporting event in which UTSA students or faculty are involved – or if the event is beneficial to UTSA students – we most definitely want to cover it.

We also might cover sporting events that are not directly linked to UTSA, such as the Super Bowl, the Olympics and the World Cup.

Students do enjoy watching these events that celebrate the best athletes in the United States and the world, so look forward to seeing stories on them in The Paisano.