The UT System owes us transparency

Editorial staff

It’s been two weeks since UTSA President Ricardo Romo was placed on administrative leave pending a review of allegations to his conduct. The announcement was made in an email sent to UTSA faculty by chancellor William McRaven

Since that cryptic email, the UT System has not given any new information to the UTSA community– the community hit hardest by these allegations.

The UT System is obligated to keep its community informed in matters as important as this.

President Romo is the longest serving president in UTSA history. He announced his retirement plans last fall and his replacement was slated to take office in September.

Chancellor McRaven placing Romo on leave when he was already on his way out indicates the severity of the allegations. We, the students, faculty and staff who were under Romo’s leadership for 18 years deserve answers.

Transparency leads to good governance. The UT System should release more information regarding President Romo not only  because it’s the decent thing to do – but the responsible thing to do.

President Romo responded through his attorney on Feb. 16, but there has been no response from the UT System. It is understandable to withhold information such as this for a few days, but two weeks is far too long.

The Board of Regents and UT System administrators sit on this information from a comfortable distance while the Sombrilla buzzes with confused students.

They have a responsibility to be transparent or they risk losing our trust. Feel free to contact the UT system at 512-499-4200 and encourage the release of this serious information to the community they serve.