To get through finals, think of the future

It’s that time again: Finals.

Endless hours in the library, countless meetings with professors, study guides galore and tons of caffeine are just a few of the things we have to look forward to this week and next. This time of the semester is always dreaded, and unless you are one of the few lucky students who do not have to take any finals, you probably want to crawl into bed and stay there until finals are over.

However, for seniors this time is bittersweet. Those of you who are walking the stage next week will never have to deal with undergraduate finals again (unless you are taking summer courses). It sounds exciting, but there are probably some who are feeling a little sad.

Whether or not you decide to go onto graduate school, the type of education you receive during your undergraduate career is like no other. This is the time that many start developing the work ethic that will stay with them for years. Hopefully, by now seniors have figured out what they want to do in the future and are putting themselves on the right track.

Don’t let the current economy scare you off. Use what you have learned to find your strong points and use them to your advantage. It is possible to find a good job. Don’t settle just because you don’t think there is anything else available. Use any free time you have to look for job openings or internships in a field you are actually interested in.

If you need help with your resumé, take advantage of Career Services. Instead of spending hours stalking your friends on Facebook, use it to network like crazy. You never know who you might meet.

So spend the next couple of weeks cramming for those finals, downing coffee and deciding what to wear for graduation. But if you find yourself feeling down, just remember that you have so much to look forward to in the future.

For the rest of you, see you next semester!