Guest Column: With the first pick

As I watched some of the NFL draft on Saturday a thought occurred in my mind. One day there will be someone drafted from UTSA. It may not be in the first round but one day someone will have their name called and the school they came from will be UTSA.

Whenever that happens there will be a huge celebration in San Antonio.

When that day comes (at the earliest 2015) it will be the realization that the Roadrunners have arrived on the national stage and it will show the quality of play in whatever conference UTSA finds itself that year. It will truly be a happy day in San Antonio.

UTSA may not have a football team yet but with the hiring of three assistant coaches and the beginning of recruiting, we are well on our way to watching a product on the field. By the time the draft of 2015 rolls around who knows, UTSA might have someone drafted by an NFL team. And who knows, maybe they will be drafted by a San Antonio NFL team.