‘Taking Flight’ showcases UTSA dance students’ work


Raquel E. Alonzo

On March 25, UTSA dance students performed a showcase at the Buena Vista Theater located at the Downtown Campus. The showcase included the pom squad as well as students pursuing a minor in dance studies.

The dance department was established in fall 2010. The department focuses on a few specific types of dance.

“We do three levels of ballet and three levels of modern,” said dance director Megan J. W. Rulewics. “Then we have jazz and musical theatre, and we have contemporary dance.” Rulewics has taught dance for 15 years and is a Brigham Young University and University of Utah alumna.

The performance consisted of seven different pieces that explored hip-hop, ballet and modern dance. The first performance was a hip-hop dance by the pom squad titled “Work it Girl!” and featured music by Dev, Fergie and Future. The girls wore camouflage and posed fiercely as the curtains opened. As soon as the lights came up, the girls used facial expressions to engage the audience as they popped their way through the music. The pom squad displayed high energy and had the house clapping loudly at the end of the dance.

Things slowed down for the ballet II classes “By The Numbers” piece. The dancers wore beautiful blue lyrical dresses that flowed perfectly as they danced across the floor. The dancers showed off their lovely grand jetés and leg extensions.

Students from the introduction to modern dance class performed “Reaching.” This number captivated the audience as the students danced their way on and off stage. The dancers showed great isolation movements, which paired tastefully with the whimsical musical score by Philip Glass.