You can’t play the game ‘til you step up to the plate

1. YAL Poll: ~75 percent of UTSA students approve of concealed carry

2. Video Survey: 58 percent of UTSA students feel favorably towards Texas Legislation to allow concealed carry on campus

3. Test Question: 80 percent of UTSA students feel guns make the campus unsafe

4. SGA Survey: Inconclusive minimum data requirement not met.

UTSA SGA decides to table both resolutions over the summer.

Personally, I believe that we owe it to our student body to take a stance whether for or against because now only UT Austin and Texas State are lobbying at the capital when we could have also represented our student body.

I could see from the meeting that everyone wanted to take a stance, but some fear that it is to controversial of an issue to pick a side. I tried my best to fight for the majority of my constituents beliefs (even at times inconvenient being called out by those for and against).

I guess a problem that we had as an SGA is not enough people came into our office (in UC III next to Subway) and told us how they felt about the issue. We just passed a provisional budget for SGA that I drew up with many suggestions of the senators.

Our budget for next year is primary focusing on giving money back to the students and getting SGA’s name out there. In the coming year you WILL see SGA’s name everywhere and WILL hear a lot about us and how we are in it for the student body.

I will continue to stand by what I believe in is decisive action in all matters, and I will try to advise the senate to do the same. You cant play baseball if you don’t decide to step up to the plate.

You may strike out or get tagged out sliding into home, the principal is that you dust yourself off, get up and come up to bat again and maybe, just maybe next time you will hit one out of the park.