UTSA Ranked #68 among young universities


Graphic by Ethan Pham

Samuel De Leon

UTSA continues to strive for success, boosting a higher rating on the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings.

“This is a tremendous accomplishment, one that you should be very proud of,” Acting President Pedro Reyes said when addressing faculty. “Without the commitment of each of you to deliver a world-class experience to our students, either in the classroom or through the vital support of our staff, UTSA would not be included in this elite grouping.”

Last year, UTSA was ranked 77th in the young universities category and this year the university jumped to the 68th spot.

THE examines at a university’s teaching methods, research, number of citations of the school’s research, international outlook and industry income.

UTSA also made it on the list for top ranked universities in the world and top ranked universities in U.S. colleges.

An important metric to consider is the number of citations from UTSA research. When compared to other UT System schools, the number of citations of UTSA research rivaled that of UT Dallas and UT Austin.

Not only has UTSA recently made groundbreaking developments in cancer, but it has also recently received a grant of $5.29 million to further study region of the brain involved in motor movement. Additionally, UTSA continues to hold the title of the top cyber-security program in the nation.