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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

    Spotlight on: GBC

    The Global Business Club (GBC) serves as a group for College of Business students.  It is coordinated through the College of Business of International Relations. 

    The organization provides various opportunities socially and culturally amongst the UTSA student members. Students can learn about international business through forums and meetings.

    The GBC’s mission is to “build programs that meet the needs of global society, promoting diversity, and fostering transformative leadership.”

    “The group was started five years ago in 2005 by the former Associate Dean of College of Business, Dr. Victoria Jones,” Operations Director of GBC, Alian Yake said. The club was re-started about a year ago.

    “The club is hosted out of the College of International Business. It promotes their programs and represents the college partnership with the Free Trade Alliance,” Executive Director of the GBC, Ryan Zapata said.

    The GBC is fully aligned with the UTSA 2016 student plan. For those unfamiliar with the 2016 plan, it is explained by Dr. Romo, President of UTSA, “UTSA 2016 sets forth plans to enrich educational experiences and enable higher levels of student success at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, while promoting access and affordability within the state’s Closing the Gaps goals.”

     For the GBC to be fully aligned with the university’s 2016 plan, it provides members with opportunities to work toward the goal of UTSA achieving Tier One Status.

    GBC members share knowledge about current global business affairs and political topics. 

    Not only do members have a chance to discuss those matters, but they also have the opportunity to share ideas with other members.

    “This organization allows people from all over the country to talk and share ideas that are an  interest to learn about and I expect to be able to share information about various countries,” extended freshman visitor from Japan, Aya Nishimura said.

    Some of the members learned about the organization’s meeting from posters in the International Office of Business.

    “I first heard about the club in my International Management class and I thought it would be a good way to meet new people and learn more about possible internships,” senior Jonathan Igoa said.

    “What seems to be really interesting is the International Buddies Program, which is where club members are paired up with an international student and help them learn more about San Antonio and the community,” added Igoa.

    The GBC’s inspiration comes from the word diversity.  Even though it is a single word, for the organization,  it holds a strong meaning. Diversity contributes to new found group’s developments.

    One of the objectives of the GBC is to “increase and enhance Global Business Club’s member involvement through various leadership opportunities.”

    Even though it is only one of the club’s many objectives the club has, it provides members a system to explore different opportunities.

    Meetings for the club are held on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. in the Business Building and international cuisine is served at each meeting.

    November 17 will be the launch of UTSA’s International Education Week. This will be the first time UTSA celebrates International Education as a week long event.

    The GBC can be followed by members and students on Facebook. To learn more about the club, visit the UTSA College of Business website. As the business Club’s motto says, “Learn it, Live it, Love it.”