Medal Mania

Medal Mania

Jade Cuevas

Some people collect coins, movie stubs or love notes, but San Antonians collect something much more niche: Fiesta medals.

Every April, organizations, communities and companies alike design their own small piece of metal attached with a colorful ribbon to celebrate the week of festivities that is Fiesta. The origin of Fiesta medals can be dated back to 1946, but the act of collecting, buying, selling and trading them didn’t become a phenomena until the ‘90’s.

I love looking at the clever, colorful and, at times, boisterous Fiesta medals from around the city (usually from local businesses), here are five Fiesta medals that, without a doubt, should exist.

The morning after a Fiesta night out can be challenging. Maybe you have work, class or other life commitments you were not thinking about as you were waving your Fiesta crown around with your friends. That’s okay; you have three best friends: sports drinks, Whataburger and ibuprofen. This holy trinity can help you conquer the day as you lick your wounds.

We all have that inner angsty teenager in of us: going to class in black pants, grey hoodies or plain white shirts. However, this is the time to let your bright colors fly. So, as much as you love that dark purple lipstick and “do these black clothes match?” aesthetic, try out some traditional Fiesta garb. It really makes for a full experience and gets you in the celebratory mood.

This medal goes out to those who came, saw and truly conquered. This one is for those who have more commitment than I have ever had to any romantic relationship. This separates the amateurs from the veterans. Wear the medal with pride. Because then, we all know you came here to party — but who are we kidding, those heels are coming off as soon as you’re walking back to the car.

Fiesta festivities don’t end once you’re in your Lyft back to your apartment. It ends when you’re in the shower washing your hair. Truthfully, seeing little confetti pieces fall down the sides of the tub toward the drain is weirdly nice. I like to think of it as my own Lush product I can’t afford. Yet, I always think to myself, “Damn, I hope this doesn’t clog my drain.”