Fotoseptiembre:  September marks a month of photography


September in San Antonio means all photography, all the time. Duck and cover because in this coming week every gallery will be opening its doors to photographers from far and wide and as they bombard San Antonio residents with art. You can’t hide, these exhibits are everywhere and are well worth viewing.

Festivities throughout the month, highly recognized as Fotoseptiembre, can be seen in galleries all over the country. It’s a celebration of artistic talent and endeavors in the photographic medium.

Excellent photographic work will be available on and around campus with easily accessible exhibits in the UTSA gallery. With a plethora of artwork to choose from UTSA’s art gallery does an excellent job of displaying talent from around the region, including artists such as Carrie Mae Weems, Luther Smith, Sarah Cusimano and Andy Bloxham.

Closer to downtown, near the Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, UTSA’s satellite space is also putting on a fantastic must-see exhibit titled “ISTORIA.” It is a national juried and invitational exhibition that will showcase the various styles of narrative photography. All the artists in the show will play with the medium in such a way as to tell their own unique stories. Featured artists include Pinky Bass, Julie Blackmon, Brianna Burnet, Elizabeth Claffey, Beau Comeaux, Thea Augustina Eck, Hans Gindlesberger, Carol Golemboski, Steven Joshlin, Nate Larson, Ann Mansolino, Blue Mitchell, Kenda North, Steven Rubin and Jes Schrom.

Fotoseptiembre includes artists on display at the Southwest School of Art; including UTSA photography grad students. The exhibit titled “Emerging Talent” showcases can the work of Julie Fremin, Joe Harjo and Beth Devillier.

“Emerging Talent” features various perspectives of the medium. Julie Fremin’s pieces explore her own idiosyncrasies by tracing similar behaviors; Joe Harjo’s work plays with the role of the viewer, as he depends on the viewer to create a conversation. Beth Devillier’s explores the emotions associated with the lack of emotional relationship between her and her father.

Check The Paisano for details on Fotoseptiembre’s exhibits throughout the month.