Football could open up San Antonio to students

Saturday, Sept. 3, UTSA Roadrunners will play their inaugural football game at the Alamodome, the venue for the entire season.

The location of the game has been an interesting point of conversation: some think it’s great; others think that it won’t help foster the sense of unity that UTSA so desperately needs.

Most students at UTSA tend to stay on the main campus. They travel downtown to take class at the Downtown campus. By staying so close to the main campus, they’ve lost out on a good part of San Antonio.

Playing in the Alamodome might help UTSA students develop a better understanding of the city where they’ve chosen to live.

The location might be a bit farther than a trip to DeZavala, but the Alamodome is right in the heart of San Antonio. Playing in a location that is relatively removed from the main campus will give students the opportunity to finally move away from the 1604 area and start exploring the city.

The city of San Antonio has a lot more to offer than just the River Walk and The Alamo. There’s a variety of restaurants, music venues, parks, art galleries and museums.

Football games downtown will also give students a chance to visit both the downtown campus as well as the Institute of Texan Cultures which is also part of UTSA.

UTSA is located on the newer part of San Antonio, but the historic and charming part of the city is only 13 miles away. Maybe it’s about time that UTSA students discover what tourists have been flocking to for years.