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The Paisano

Near Orbit brings fresh taste to SA musical underground

When looking for a fresh sound and a unique experience in the San Antonio area, you’ll find what you need with Near Orbit.

Near Orbit is, as defined by group member Jonah Tafoya, a “collective group of creative individuals bringing fresh sights, sounds and an inclusive environment into the San Antonio live music scene.”

The collective has been hosting live events at downtown spaces including the loft at 123 Blue Star and previously abandoned warehouse spaces like The Land in Between DIY.

These events and live performances are rapidly expanding San Antonio’s live music and art scene.

Whether it’s an art gallery opening, a live show or just a house party on the weekend, local San Antonio artists and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the fresh, underground opportunities San Antonio has to offer.

Near Orbit consists of five San Antonio creatives; Alan Penuelaz, Domenic Jimenez, Jonah Tafoya, Nico Garza and Zak Ftaiti.

Some of the boys had been friends for a while and were throwing parties at Penuelaz’s downtown loft down a normally quiet alleyway, next to the Bluestar Brewery, at a clandestine loft that holds style and edge: 123 Bluestar.

Every first Friday and second Saturday the guys would throw parties in Penuelaz’s apartment.  After working and being friends for over a year they decided to explore their artistic talent and interest professionally. In March 2017, Near Orbit was created. Their launch party hosted at the Land in Between DIY was a completely sold out show.

Not only does Near Orbit throw parties at Bluestar, but they are also expanding locations to refurbished warehouses and rooftop parties. When attending these events you are exposed to fresh underground music, artists and genres that will not be found in the downtown clubs.

Northwest Vista Philosophy Sophomore Isabella Sosa gushed her love over Near Orbit.

“It’s flourishing! They really are expanding the San Antonio music scene,” she said, “it’s like every weekend, I know that something is going to be happening there. It’s music that is actually good, that is created by locals here in San Antonio, people our age.”

Not only do the five work together as a team, they also work individually on their own art. Penualez, known as Alan P. is a photographer, DJ and a graphic designer; Jimenez, who works under the moniker Dom Squints works with live projection visuals, design and video; Tafoya works as a DJ and music producer under stage name Jonah Conrad; Garza is a DJ, designer and photographer; Ftaiti DJs, designs and photographs.

Working together allows them to collaborate and exchange ideas when it comes to hosting events and parties.

When looking for a good time and a new experience, make sure to hit up Near Orbit and123 Bluestar.

They are introducing a new wave of entertainment to the San Antonio public, and exposing people to different talent and experiences than what you can expect at established bars and venues in town.

Expect events every first Friday and second Saturday of the month. To check out Near Orbit and stay updated on their parties and events, follow them on Instagram (@nearorbit) and Twitter (@offthisearthdiy).

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