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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

San Antonio gets “DISTURBED”


John Moyer, bassist for the band Disturbed, recently sat down with The Paisano to discuss the new album, the “Music as a Weapon” tour and all the parties in between.

Paisano: What do you attribute to the success of your new album, Asylum?

John: “We are very fortunate it debuted at one, which is a tribute to our fans, and a sign to us that we’ve connected with them. It’s not just one or two good songs, it’s a deep record and there’s a lot to get out of it. Lyrically speaking, David [Draiman, lead singer] has dug deep into a lot of personal issues. He always writes from the heart, but historically, he’s been a little more cryptic about his writing. This time… it’s much more personal.”

Paisano: What can we expect from the “Music as a Weapon” Tour?

John: “It’s definitely something special, [our fans] have never seen us like this. We are bringing out production that we’ve never done before. We have a dedicated video montage that goes with each song … and the response has been great. But it’s not just us filling the seats, it’s Korn as well, so I think the fans are getting a lot out of it.”

Paisano: Do you guys look for a particular sound with each album?

John: “No, we don’t overthink it. We have high standards for ourselves and for each other…we are always trying to impress the other three guys. Dan [Donegan,] our guitar player, he’s the main musical force… he’s always writing ideas. It’s nice to have [someone] so prolific in the band. I can’t say enough about the team.”

Paisano: Outside of the music, how is the chemistry between the band members?

John: “We are brothers; we joke about the fact that the most romantic times in our lives [are] spent with each other. We hang out even on our days off and that definitely has helped keep the band together.”

Paisano: Speaking of which, can you tell me about joining the band in 2004?

John: “Well my second band, Union Underground out of San Antonio, dissolved around the time that Disturbed was looking for a bass player. So I went to Chicago and I stood in line for seven or eight hours [for an audition]. There were about 263 bass players there, I was number 70. I got in there … played my little part … and the guys eventually called me back to jam with the band.”

Paisano: Any wild parties lately?

John: [laughing] “We haven’t had any crazy parties yet, just trying to stay warm and healthy. We’ve been playing in some cold places … so we’re looking forward to getting back to Texas. To me, San Antonio is a hometown when it comes to music and metal … I look forward to coming back.”

Paisano: What are you most looking forward to?

John: Mexican food. Some good Mexican food.

Fair enough. Mexican food in exchange for one of the best live performances this side of Radiohead. Mark your calendars for Feb. 9, in the Illusion Theatre at the Alamodome.

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