Some things on our campus must stop immediately.

For Example, is it really appropriate to walk around campus wearing a Baylor University t-shirt? I can understand wearing a UT Austin t-shirt because it’s in the UT system–I’ll give you that. However, students walking around in Harvard t-shirts completely amaze me. STOP IT.

Remember in 5th grade when it was cool to wear an Abercrombie shirt with the oh so fashionable  matching white seashell necklace? This outfit also came equipped with reoccurring wedgies and low self-esteem–begging the question: am I popular yet?

People, there are some things that are so retro that they are fashion forward, but this excludes white seashell necklaces. STOP IT.

Bluetooths are cool because they allow you to talk on the phone, while having your hands free to do whatever you want!  Is it necessary to have this thing hanging from your ear during class? Do you have an important phone call you just can’t miss? Perhaps with one of your free hands you could take it out of your ear during class. STOP IT.

Everyone’s circumstances are different. What I’m about to say might upset some people, but it must be addressed. Sleeping in class is highly counterproductive. I mean, if I’m paying $4,000 a semester (that’s roughly two Ipads and one shuffle) you better believe I’m going to be awake. STOP IT.

Lastly, I understand that Texas weather is unpredictable; with that being said, can any one tell me the need to wear Ugg boots with shorts?  We are in 75 degree weather. People in the North Pole would be having a heat strokes right about now. Folks, you are either cold or you’re hot–I urge you to pick one. STOP IT.