DJ competitions reach new high with technological innovations and a variety of musical genres


Eight of the top DJ’s from the local San Antonio area came out Saturday April 16 to join in an innovative DJ competition. Red Bull hosted the event at Sunset Station in San Antonio to showcase the DJ’s talents.

Red Bull has hosted the Thre3styles event in surrounding cities such as Dallas and Austin. “Thre3style is world wide, probably gaining grown on the DJ championships (DMC) with the opportunity for club DJ’s to showcase their skills,” judge for the evenings event Glen Flojo (judge for the evening’s event) said.

“I think you are going to see in time the Red Bull Thre3style battle will become one of if not the premiere DJ competitions worldwide,” Flojo said.

Flojo himself is a DJ who works with the Rock Steady Group, which is primarily a B-Boy group and originally started in New York.

“Rock steady was instrumental to starting the hip-hop culture worldwide because they pretty much showcased the B-boy scene, aspect and element,” Flojo said.

Rock Steady looked to go to the west coast and now it has become worldwide without any distinguishing difference between east and west coast.

All eight DJ’s had a 15 minute set that had to contain three different types of musical genres.

The elements that have made the Thre3styles competition different from other competitions is the incorporation of technology and different styles of DJ’s.

“Other DJ competitions may have been hip-hop based but Thre3style brings a different element,” Flojo said.

It wasn’t just the DJ’s who showcased their talents but dancers also drew attention to themselves by spontaneously dancing during the middle of the competition.

The winner of the competition was local DJ m. His prize consisted of $1,000 and the opportunity to compete again in Vegas.

The next stop for the Thre3styles event will be in Houston but for more information on this events visit the Red Bull website.