Visions of psychic spirituality

Emily Hubbard

Gypsy Market brings palm readers, artisans and mysticism.


San Antonio is a booming city with unique culture and community.

An event is coming to the north east side of San Antonio that can’t be found anywhere else in the city.

Less than a year ago, Athena Morningstar, event manager and founder, branched off from her original Coexist Festival, and aims to launch “a more specific gypsy market with a different theme to add unique vendors to create the certain atmosphere” that she was looking for.

On Nov. 19 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. the Coexist Festival will host their Gypsy Market at The Black Swan Inn.

Madame Zee’s sage, crystals, and tarot card setup. Courtesy of Coexist Festival

The market will be filled with vendors, tribal fusion belly dancers, conceptual art, live music, food and crafts for the kids.

The vendors will offer: aura photography, tarot readings, astrologists, jewelry, candles, chemical free skin care lines, hand-made body products, herbs, henna (infused with crystal healing energy), psychics, essential oils and angel readings by local Ashtara Sasha White.

Tiffany Wilson, assistant event manager and tarot reader, provided some knowledge about the vendors and specifically the differences between fortune tellers, tarot readers and psychics.

Fortune tellers seem to “have a negative connotation, and it is not the preferred terminology,” however the term is all encompassing.

Any type of reading, such as tarot or psychic, can fall under the term fortune teller. Fortune tellers may employ various tools, such as scrying surfaces, pendulums or even cards.

Psychics can have different gifts, for example, some can actually see the future in their mind and gain assistance from their clairvoyance– the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through extrasensory perception.

Rozalynda Sepeda-Sanchez doing a tarot card reading at last year’s Coexist Festival.


Tarot readers also employ clairvoyance. Every reader has their own style, but “I personally just have a very deep intuitive connection with people and the cards that I read.

“I pull the cards from the deck and interpret them with the assistance of the person I am reading for.

“I will tell them the meaning of the card itself, and then consult with them about how it applies to their current situation,” said Wilson.

There are different types of dance, all with unique features. Each variation of belly dancing consists of its own culture and movements and at the market they will have tribal fusion belly dancers.

Tribal fusion is a mix between tribal dance and traditional belly dancing, it is a “funky and cool take on belly dancing, very unique and beautiful,” Wilson said.

Make sure to come to 1006 Holbrook Rd and check out all Gypsy Market has to offer.

Bring friends and family to enjoy the day event, meet new people and learn new things about yourself and others.