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Photo Courtesy of SAYL

Enrique Bonilla

Local organizations collaborate to provide literacy assistance to SA youth.

San Antonio is number nine on Forbes’ list of America’s fastest growing cities. With that sort of growth, some parts of communities can be forgotten or glossed over: food, poverty, education and more.

In a city that also has a robust arts culture, the arts community steps in where public institutions leave gaps.

This upcoming Saturday at Ventura at 1011 Avenue B, the power of community will be pragmatic as well as entertaining.

San Antonio Youth Literacy (SAYL) leader Micaela Mize alongside UTSA music marketing major Emily Rubio have spearheaded this collaborative event to raise awareness of SAYL, gather books for youth and bring artists together for a night of electronic and indie music.

UTSA’s Musicians of Business will also be present to coordinate the event.

Among the lineup is indie pop rock four piece Macho Peach, who are entering the studio in 2018 to piece together a new full length record.

The Grown Folks Collective will also lend their progressive fusion jazz rock sounds to the fundraiser; the group contains six members who collectively play 11 instruments.

Dolphin Dilemma, the solo project of Versimilitude’s frontman Zachariah Applebaum will headline the event.  Dolphin Dilemma keeps the same upbeat dance vibes as Verisimilitude, but stripped down to electronic components.

Entrance to the event is $5 online or $10 at the door. Attendees are encouraged to bring books to donate. All proceeds will go to the San Antonio Youth Literacy organization to benefit the educational future of tomorrows youth.