Re “SJP Activism on and off campus”

Joseph Mabry

Sharing balanced narratives about both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is key to informing Paisano readers about the facts of this complex issue.  This article portrays Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, as a “military technocratic state,” which grossly mischaracterizes the nation. In Israel, every citizen Jewish or not enjoys the right to participate and vote within the democracy, creating the diverse plurality that governs the nation. These shared democratic values are key reasons that Israel has such close ties to the United States.

The article describes military strikes Israel carried out in Gaza, without adding context of the rocket attacks and abduction of three Israeli boys by Hamas, the terrorist organization that governs Gaza, which precipitated Operation Protective Edge by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

This article fails to properly reflect the complexity of the situation surrounding Ahed Tamimi as well. The video clearly depicts a young woman attacking a pair of IDF soldiers who stay calm and do not respond during the altercation. She clearly does assault the two soldiers, and holding her accountable for her actions is justifiable.

I hope this additional point of view adds to the “nuanced perspective” that both members of the Israeli and Palestinian communities can provide and helps create more balanced journalism on our campus and in our society.