Donate time to Women’s History Month

Emily Hubbard

For decades women have been fighting to end discrimination and gain equal rights. We are strong, independent and worthy. We deserve to be recognized. For the entirety of the month of March, I will be celebrating the women who have shaped our history and continue to make an impact.

Through this we will reference the past, and also think about how we can continue to reach equality and justice for women within the community and around the world. Despite the strength, tenacity and courage women have brought us so far there is still a fight to be fought.

To continue the journey, UTSA’s Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) and Students United for Planned Parenthood (SUPP) are teaming up with their “Serve the People” campaign to provide feminine hygiene products for San Antonio’s homeless community.

Turner Adams, an activist for YDSA and SUPP, reminded us that “Women, especially women of color, have been historically disenfranchised by capitalism. The high cost of menstrual hygiene products creates situations where homeless women and trans men have to choose between their next meal or experiencing a safe, hygienic period. By donating time, money or goods to these communities, we can help those in need and connect to and empower those on these fringes of our communities.”

It is important to remember that hygiene is not a want, but a right. Mother nature visits each month, and women do not deserve to have to pay for their bodies’ natural cycle. It is not our choice to have a menstrual cycle each month, but it is our government’s choice to charge us for something inevitable. While we wait for our much deserved economic justice, our community needs to help those women who cannot afford to be charged for their periods.

To help continue the fight for women’s rights and contribute to a better San Antonio community, you can donate time, money or products to either YDSA or SUPP during their meetings or tabling.

Tabling for YDSA: Tue. and Wed. 10am-2pm

Meetings for YDSA: Thu. 7:30 pm, MH 3.01.28

Meetings for SUPP: Wed. 5:30 pm, Mesquite Room