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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

    Empowerland: A map of organizations in the San Antonio area



    1. Girls Inc.

    Founded in 1864, this nationwide organization focuses on educating and promoting confidence in girls ages 6-18. The San Antonio branch actively gives support and opportunity to girls of all demographics to help them reach their full and healthy potential. In partnership with project WORTH, their campaign “ME NOW…baby later” in Alamo City encourages girls to focus on their goals and pursue parenthood later.

    2. Esperanza Center

    In 1987, Chicana activists founded the Esperanza Center, which actively seeks to bring together multicultural audiences to facilitate peace and justice in San Antonio. They are a politically aggressive, unique institution made up of all demographics and are outspoken about all forms of oppression. Through their arts and culture programs, Esperanza speaks to diverse communities, brings political consciousness and builds solidarity.

    3. Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc.­­

    Responsible for the creation of the Battered Women and Children’s Shelter, this organization seeks to break the cycle of family violence in San Antonio, and to provide the necessary skills for families to become self-sufficient. The organization raises awareness for violence and offers a wide array of housing, counseling and legal services to individuals and families who have suffered domestic violence.

    4. Martinez Street Women’s Center

    This organization works to transform communities’ health services, education and advocacy for women and girls. They work towards increasing access to healthcare services, as well as tools to inspire and encourage women and girls to improve their lives. They facilitate workshops and events to promote topics from pregnancy health to body appreciation and confidence.

    5. Planned Parenthood

    This global organization seeks to spread information, sex education and health care to promote healthy communities. Offering a wide range of services, all locations are dedicated to helping people with reproductive health regardless of social or economic factors through comprehensive education, care and the pursuit of research.­

    6. Women in Leadership

    This UTSA student led organization strives to create a network of people interested in the social, economic and political injustices of women in the San Antonio area. By participating in and orchestrating marches, fundraisers and general awareness events, the organization hopes to shape more self-aware and empowered members of society.

    7. Mujeres Marcharan

    This organization works to uplift the voices of women and girls through public awareness and advocacy. They orchestrate public events, such as the Annual San Antonio International Women’s Day March & Rally, as well as fundraisers for the continued celebration of women’s rights and the fight for equality. They espouse the values of inclusion and intersectionality where women are always welcome.


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